jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Emerald: recopilación de artículos

Emerald Group Publishing Limited, ha lanzado una campaña de promoción de uso de su plataforma de revistas electrónicas, Emerald, que se desarrollará de manera escalonada concrentándose en varias actividades.

Para empezar con la campana de promoción de uso de las publicaciones de Emerald, se pone a disposición de los usuarios de la Universidad de Oviedo una recopilación de  enlaces a articulos sobre educación, marketing, dirección de operaciones y logística, ciencias empresariales/estudios de gestión, turismo y hostelería, ingeniería, derecho y ética empresarial, contabilidad y finanzas, gestión de recursos humanos.

Esta selección está hecha a partir del análisis de las revistas más populares en nuestra institución y en Europa.


Can marketing practice keep up with Europe's ageing population?

The influence of loyalty programme membership on customer purchase behaviour

Factors influencing word of mouth effectiveness: receiver perspectives

Intra-organizational factors and market orientation: effects of national culture

Building brand identity in competitive markets: a conceptual model

Interactions between organisational cultures and corporate brands

Dirección de operaciones y logística

Advantages of intermodal logistics platforms: insights from a Spanish platform

Minimizing supply chain disruption risk through enhanced flexibility

Inventory financing in supply chains: A logistics service provider-approach

Evaluating logistics network configurations for a global supply chain

Nestlé Nespresso AAA sustainable quality program: an investigation into the governance dynamics in a multi-stakeholder supply chain network

Ciencias empresariales/Estudios de gestión

Is there a transatlantic divide?: Reviewing Peter F. Drucker's thoughts on ethics and leadership of US and European managers

A foundationalist perspective for management research: a European trend and experience

Historical, practical, and theoretical perspectives on green management: An exploratory analysis

Mapping globally branded business schools: a strategic positioning analysis

Peter Drucker: modern day Aristotle for the business community

Turismo y hostelería

Tourism expert perceptions for evaluating climate change impacts on the Euro-Mediterranean tourism industry

The popularity of prestigious hospitality journals: a Google Scholar approach

Online distribution strategies and competition: are the global hotel companies getting it right?

Hospitality workplace problems and poor training: a close relationship


Fast response adaptive fuzzy logic controller for sensorless direct torque control of

PMSM with minimum torque ripple

Surrogate assisted local search in PMSM drive design

CFD simulation on a thermal power plant with air-cooled heat exchanger system in north China

Factorized high dimensional model representation for structural reliability analysis

Derecho y ética empresarial

Corporate governance in the USA and Europe: they are closer than you might think

The Challenge of Integrating sustainability into talent and organisation
Strategies: Investing in the knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve high performance

Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Capital Markets: Exploring the Institutional Investor Mental Model

Contabilidad y finanzas

International market structure: global problems and micro solutions

Perspectives and Reflections on Accounting's Past in Europe

Bundling management control innovations: A field study of organisational experimenting with total quality management and the balanced scorecard

Gestión de los recursos humanos

Learning orientation, organizational commitment and talent retention across generations: A study of European managers

Ageing and careers: European research on long-term career development and early retirement are humans resources?


Economic and cultural factors affecting university excellence

Top-down management: an effective tool in higher education?

A conceptual overview of a holistic model for quality in higher education

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