viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Lecturas recomendadas por The Economist

El editor de The Economist, John Micklethwait, todas las semanas selecciona determinados artículos de especial interés y de lectura recomendada, agrupándolos en la sección llamada "the Editor's Highlights".

Aquí os detallamos los artículos seleccionados de la edición del 16 de octubre

Currency wars! This week we look at the growing conflict over currencies. In recent weeks the world economy has been on a war footing, at least rhetorically. Gone is the fuzzy talk about co-operation to boost global growth. Suddenly accusations are flying that countries around the world are cheating, using everything from qualitative easing to capital controls. The biggest battle is over China's foolish unwillingness to allow the yuan to rise more quickly. In our cover leader we explain how the various currency wars are actually three different conflicts and argue strongly against unleashing a trade fight with the Beijing regime.

Mexican violence, American drugs
Mexico needs better police but the killing is also linked to drug and gun laws north of the border

Sharia in the West
Islamic judges are not the threat many claim. But the supremacy of secular law needs to be stressed

Is the Sky the limit for the Murdochs?
Why they should be allowed to take control of Britain's most profitable television company

Rethinking Stalin and Hitler
A controversial new book looks at the way they encouraged each other

 Does light at night make you fat?
That is the lesson from mice

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